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Lake Duluti Forest Reserve is a well conserved place that brings the nature into a balanced ecosystem. It is located in Arumeru District and is about 16 kilometers from Arusha town. Duluti Forest Reserve combines both human and tourism activities without affecting the ecosystem.
Though Lake Duluti Forest Reserve is a well conserved place, it is not famous and popular among the people of Arusha. Lake Duluti is known to be a volcanic lake that covers about 63 hectares which is equal to 154 acres whereas the Forest area covers about 19 hectares which is equivalent to 46.44 acres. The deepest part of the lake is about 700 meters deep at the center where the shallow parts are at the lake shores whose depth varies from side to side.
Organism of Lake Duluti Forest Reserve
Lake Duluti possesses a variety of living organism that are both terrestrial and aquatic such plants, birds,snails and slugs and fishes. Birds of Lake Duluti Forest Reserve are mostly percivores due to the presence of abundant fishes from the lake, birds like cormorants and kingfishers are found in groups hunting for fish along the sides of the lake. One cormorant is estimated to eat about 150 small sized fish per day. Some of the terrestrial organisms are totally burrowers    

The major activity of the area is Eco-tourism. Simple and less expensive fee is also the pulling factor for this ecotourism activity, that is 30+USD per foreign visitor, 3000 Tsh per local visitor and 1500 Tsh per each students and worshipers. Eco-tourism activity of this area includes forest walking, canoeing, forest camping, education activities, and religious activities that involve baptism and worship along the rectangular caves. Tourists from different places come to enjoy the spectacular scenic beauty of this area. These activities generate money that is used for the conservation activities and development of the park and villages around the forest reserve. Fishing in this place is not allowed.
Conservation challenges
Several conservation challenges facing this area include,
a)      Water tapping management whereby different companies have their water pumps for daily water consumption.
b)      Illegal fishing at night is also a challenge to the Duluti Forest Reserve Authority.
c)   Dwindling of big indigenous trees such as Cordia Africana (east africa cordia) `due to timber exploitation by local people of Arumeru District.

Remark from writer

A nice ecosystem is a determinant for the health of biodiversity. This area is very unique and special. Before I decided to write this article I didn’t know it was a wonderfully place for conservation interest in the future, but after realizing this the idea of taking action came up in my mind of supporting the conservation of this area through sharing my idea with you. We should think of what should be done. At this time I am writing this article I am also trying to put into consideration the various organisms that this ecosystem is supporting.

 Think about;
  • The source of carbon sink that ecosystems provide
  •  The numbers of birds that are  available within the Forest area of 19 hectares
  •  The numbers of aquatic organism that are available within the very small lake of 63 hectares
  •  The number of tourists visiting the area annually
  • The development activities taking place around this reserve in 10-20 years to come
From this point I would like to request your comments, ideas or contribution on what should be done for the long term conservation of this special area.
You may write your comments direct to the blog-spot or to my private email., or

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